Selling Sustainably with Ecomersh

Selling Sustainably with Ecomersh

This blog post is something a little different, and a first for Waggle Dancers.

I’ll be talking about an up and coming sustainable marketplace – Ecomersh. In the interest of remaining fully transparent; I decided to write this post having been approached by the very friendly Rob, founder of Ecomersh, and enjoyed a stimulating conversation with him about the common goals of our platforms.

Value-alignment between product-based businesses and the platforms they choose to sell through is crucial in maintaining positive and proficient partnerships.

Choosing to market their products through a platform that shares their vision allows purpose-led business owners to  avoid the risks of misunderstanding, disagreement, unfair arrangements and so on.

They can rest assured that their contributions are seen for their full worth, that their efforts are appreciated and that the ethical choices they’ve made will not be compromised.

In addition, by selling through an aligned partner, brands are able to reach more customers who are searching for products which promote their own moral beliefs. Increased exposure is a bonus for any blooming business, providing increased sales, customer relationships and loyalty.

The assemblance of sustainable goods across a single marketplace allows conscious consumers to easily access the products they seek in order to shape their environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Rather than search high and low while feeling increasingly defeated in their attempts to do well by the planet, they can shop with confidence and be inspired by the collaboration shown between their favourite brands.

This gathering shows solidarity, it shows commitment to a wider sustainability movement, and promotes community over competition for the building of a better and fairer society.

There are a number of creative and collaborative platforms available through which conscious business owners can market their products, but perhaps what makes Ecomersh unique is their innovative commitment to the sustainability of their platform itself.

Going beyond the products and businesses represented, specialist web design means that the Ecomersh site is purpose-built to use as little energy as possible.

With easy navigation, clear design and full commitment to the most up-to-date hosting and caching technologies, their website is able to keep its environmental impact to a minimum.

This is reassuring to partners who seek a value-aligned selling platform, while enabling customers to hold their dedication towards sustainability throughout their buying journey, beyond the products they choose to purchase.

As the movement towards ethical consumerism gains force, customers gain awareness of the multiple decisions they make when shopping, and with Ecomersh’s help, businesses can stay ahead of the curve.

Furthermore, Ecomersh are so committed to their sustainable ethos that their major criteria for partnering brands is that they be offering plastic-free goods and making true effort towards a plastic-free process throughout their sales and delivery.

With this dedication in mind, Ecomersh provide support to their partners in ensuring their packaging is fully biodegradable and zero-waste. They work with brands to source sustainable materials and in certain circumstances will even help fund the transition.

Ecomersh stock brands across a variety of categories, ranging from the stainless steel collection of useful everyday solutions from I am Ecoist to the blood-stain removal powder produced by Save my Knickers which empowers menstruating women to save on the physical and emotional burden of wasted clothing and bedsheets!

So, for conscious entrepreneurs and business owners seeking a marketplace to add to their sales portfolio, Ecomersh is one well worth investigating.

The collaborative, value-aligned benefits of partnering with such a platform are numerous, and each contribution builds the strength of shared goals towards sustainability.

To chat to Rob about partnering with Ecomersh, fill out this form and he’ll be in touch to discuss your route forwards in bringing your plastic-free solutions to scale.

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  1. Hi there. I have ventured into digital marketing and being an earth advocate myself, I’d like to support ecopreneurs as my target market. We are all for sustainability and supporting businesses that support a sustainable lifestyle will reciprocate in ways unimaginable for the planet and our children.

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