Case Study: A Story of domestic Abuse, Inner Strength and Charity Committed to Empowering Others

In this inspiring interview, Asma tells openly of her traumatic experiences with domestic abuse, the inner strength she’s taken from it and the space she’s taken back for her story through organised charity work. Asma is the founder of Soul Sisters Empowering People, a CIO dedicated to supporting domestic abuse survivors, victims and their families. In this interview, she describes her journey to become a spokesperson, coach and change-maker; detailing everything from how she found her inner strength and motivation to the more administrative aspects of becoming an incorporated charity organisation.

I’m sure you’ll be as inspired as I was in hearing Asma’s heartfelt story, in wishing her the very best with all her endeavours, and in sending an enormous thank you for sharing her insight

To find out more about Asma and Soul Sisters Empowering People, visit her website here, or pay her a visit on Instagram.

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Contributed By: Asma Begum
Topic: Charity Organisation