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Providing accessible resources to support socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs in starting or growing their purpose-led venture.

The Vision...

Waggle Dancers Vision

A growing community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners, empowered to break free from the status quo, easily starting and growing rewarding ventures which stay true to their VALUES and achieve their PURPOSE, while keeping their PASSION alive.

The Mission...

To give socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneurs and business owners the confidence, clarity and connections they need by providing accessible resources created by value-aligned industry experts.

Waggle Dancers Mission

Meet the Experts!

Waggle Dancers has partnered with industry experts in sustainable, ethical business to bring you this library of free online resources designed to help you start and grow your purpose-led enterprise. Meet the line up so far!

Carolyn Parrs

Carolyn Parrs is the CEO of Mind Over Markets (MIND), a messaging and marketing company for sustainable brands. Since 2003, Mind Over Markets has helped thousands of sustainable businesses, in 25+ industries, “get clear, get heard, and grow their business” by clarifying their message and creating strategies that increase their sales upwards of 425%.

As a Senior Copywriter, Carolyn has worked at some of the top New York City advertising agencies such as Benton & Bowles and Wunderman Worldwide, serving clients such as General Foods, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, IBM, Richardson-Vicks, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Time/Life Books and more. 

Her own products have appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News, HBO, CNN and Lifetime Channel. Print coverage includes The New York Times, L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, People Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

Carolyn is a mother of two, and lives and works in Seattle and Santa Fe with her pups, Heart & Soul.

Elma PR

With 25 years’ experience working in communications for diverse brands ranging from global names to grassroots organisations, Elma shares her knowledge with ethical entrepreneurs, to help them drive change and build amazing businesses through media coverage and content creation.

Elma started her career at the UK’s first-ever digital PR agency, where she worked with the likes of Sony Music, Warner Bros., and Twentieth Century Fox as well as with independent film and record labels.

​She then spent seven years in the charity sector, where she’s delivered numerous press campaigns for international charities such as the British Red Cross and Comic Relief.

What’s more, Elma has helped small businesses, politicians, charity-corporate partnerships and consumer brands meet their strategic goals by developing and delivering campaigns in the UK and overseas.

Elma offers a friendly support services: coaching, courses and consultancy. 

Responding to Black Lives Matter, in 2021, she also plans to launch a specialist cultural consultancy to educate brands and agencies about the inclusion of people of colour in their campaigns.

For more information, go to www.elmaglasgowconsulting.com

Instagram: @pr_for_wellness_ethical_brands

Sandy Dahnert

Hi, Im Sandy, a green web designer that passionately supports brands and businesses in creating more sustainable and green digital products such as websites and shops.  

Most people look at me strangely when I tell them that the internet in itself is not green but can be with a few tweaks. That’s something I want to change. We need more awareness for digital waste as we have billions of websites out there that no-one even looked at and an increase in the size of websites that’s crazy. 

Two years ago I fell in love with green web design. I used less plastic, bought more local foods, lived more and more minimalistic, DIYed all kinds of household things, engaged more as volunteer for national NGOs. But I asked myself what‘s with the work I do? How I work, for whom I work, how the pages are designed? So I dig deep and started my journey.  

As I got more aware of integrating planet Earth into my design and business processes I realized how enabling, creative and joyful this journey is.  

If you feel like joining this beautiful journey, follow along on Instagram or my website 😊 

David Nicoll

David Nicoll, has over 30 years of accountancy experience with businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and around the world. A multiple award winner, including SFEDI Enterprise Champion Professional Service Provider, he has been at the forefront of professional standard setting and international transparency for many years.

Living and working from a smallholding in rural Staffordshire, David is an advocate for sustainable living and agroecology, and green business practices. His firm, Dingle Lane, is proudly Carbon Positive.

Gaby Marsden

Gaby is the Founder of Good Business, a membership platform providing affordable access to expert knowledge and community for female founders and freelancers. Gaby is super passionate about supporting small business owners to scale their businesses in a sustainable and value driven way.

As part of Good Business, Gaby runs an Instagram course teaching small businesses how to spend less time on Instagram while getting the most out of it.

Gaby has recently relaunched an additional business venture, selling sustainably made t-shirts with funky feminist designs!

Tess for Words

Tess crafts powerful stories for ethical brands through copywriting, content creation, strategy and coaching. 

Passionate about communicating ideas in unique ways, Tess has seven years of experience working for creative, tech and non-profit organisations in various roles from copywriter to editor to lead for marketing and communications. 

As well as empowering growth for brands that do good with her freelance copywriting business Forwords  Tess spends her spare time getting lost in the countryside with her two French bulldogs, cycling around Bristol and writing songs.

Website: https://forwords.co.uk

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tesscoughlanallen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/tessc_a

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tessforwords/

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A Bit About Me.

If Waggle Dancers has caught your eye, then you might like to know a little more about me and why I’m doing this.

If you’re someone who prefers a one liner, then here’s my best shot:

I’m a porridge-powered, planet-loving cheerleader of conscious businesses with over 24 years experience of coping with dramatic emotional rollercoasters.

Honestly, the longer version is better.

My early 20s were pretty miserable, as I went through a string of hospitalisations for a severe eating disorder. I sometimes reflect on why I got ill, and a few thoughts come to mind.

About Me 1
Aged 19, and (without being overdramatic) on death’s door. In fact, it seems my eyebrows had already left the party…

1. I was accutely aware of the world and quickly understood that it was scarier and less fair than I was ready for. My illness gave me some (albeit totally delusional) sense of control, and delayed my entrance into the big, bad, ‘real world’.

2. I was a perfectionist and, to be frank, I didn’t like myself very much. I was convinced (again, delusional) that the more I restricted myself and committed to shrinking both my physical self AND my energetic personality, the less “bad” I would be.

Granted, this approach didn’t work out too well. I still wasn’t in control of the world, and I still wasn’t satisfied that I was being “good”.

When I left hospital for the final time, I was somewhat lost. My initial problems weren’t solved, but I knew my old solutions couldn’t help me. I returned to my criminology and sociology course at uni; passionless, resigned and afraid.

Then I took a module titled ‘Crimes of the Powerful’. I studied corporate harm, and learned of horrifying cases of environmental destruction and human rights abuse.

I completed the module with a belief stronger than any I’d held in a long time: Business was evil.

The very next semester, another module. This one? ‘Cooperation and Participation’. I studied inspirational social movements, and learned of co-operative enterprise and the power of collaboration.

A new belief: There is another way.

My emotional rollercoaster continued (and if it’s stressing you out, imagine how I felt!) as I pursued my new convictions. I was dismayed by the disastrous impacts humanity was having on the world and the severe injustice among our global society. I was elated and delighted by tales of innovation, collaboration and the possibility of conscious business.

About Me 2
Back at uni, trying not to cry, and overcompensating for my previous lack of eyebrows…

Eventually I realised that my dual perspective wasn’t the result of any additional mental illness. It was the result of a warring world – a flawed status quo VS an inspirational drive to fix it. I knew who’s side I was on, and armed myself for the fight.

About Me 3
Finding myself, and (at long last) my optimum eyebrows.

I dedicated myself to absorbing as much knowledge through as many perspectives as I could. I grew a strong network of people who thought like I did, who were doing great things in their fields. I completed an MA in Social Development, researching environmental debates, global vulnerabilities and the opportunities of purposeful business.

My fear of the world was falling away to my desire to help it. I stopped trying to be small, I stopped trying to stay quiet. Now I had values I believed in. Now I knew where I stood.

So I spoke up, and I stood up.

Unfortunately, I quickly realised that this new, active lifestyle was exhausting. I questioned why this was a fight, why this dream was such a battle. The world was still going to pieces and, frankly, it was putting a bit of a downer on my newly rekindled zest for life.

But I knew I wasn’t alone

Waggle Dancers was born through my belief that building a fairer and more sustainable society should be both easy and rewarding, that resources should be accessible and inclusive from the very beginning of the journey and that no one should have to feel hopeless, confused or isolated in their values.

Bee decoration

So; if you’re feeling dissatisfied, disempowered, or just downright exhausted; join me in creating a community that gives your passion the support, celebration and opportunity it deserves.

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But how do we optimise our efforts so they’re REALLY as effective as we hope?

This free email course guides you through a process of transformation which can be applied to any conscious entrepreneur or business-owner to ensure you create your most impactful change.

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So you want your venture to truly make a difference in the World?

But how do we optimise our efforts so they’re REALLY as effective as we hope?

This free email course guides you through a process of transformation which can be applied to any conscious entrepreneur or business-owner to ensure you create your most impactful change.